Professional Music Associations

Mu Phi Epsilon maintains affiliations with other professional and educational music associations and with other music fraternities and sororities through the National Interfraternity Music Council (NIMC). Mu Phi Epsilon Fraternity maintains affiliations with:

American Classical Music Hall of Fame 
 American Classical Music Hall of Fame logo A celebration of America's vast musical heritage with a center to honor the great figures of our musical past and present and to exhibit memorabilia, interactive displays and recordings of great American music and musicians.  
American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)
The national voice for music therapy, advocating for the development and expansion of music therapy services and programs, both nationally and internationally.
International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) 
  The IAWM is the world’s leading organization devoted to the equity, promotion and advocacy of women in music across time, cultures and genres.

National Association for Music Education (NAfME) 
  NAfME advocates at the local, state, and national levels; provides resources for teachers, parents, and administrators; hosts professional development events; and offers a variety of opportunities for students and teachers.

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) 
  The mission of MTNA is to advance the value of music study and music making to society and to support the professionalism of music teachers.
National Association of Composers / USA (NACUSA) 
NACUSA is one of the oldest organizations devoted to the promotion and performance of American concert hall music.

National Association of Schools of Music (NASM)
NASM establishes national standards for undergraduate and graduate degrees and other credentials for music and music-related disciplines, and provides assistance to institutions and individuals engaged in artistic, scholarly, educational, and other music-related endeavors.

National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC)
NFMC provides opportunities for musical study, performance and appreciation to more than 121,000 senior, student and junior members in 5,200 music-related clubs and organizations nationwide. 

Foundation for Fraternal Excellence (FFE)
The FFE exists to support organizations and individuals invested in developing the next generation of fraternity/sorority leaders. It was originally incorporated in 1992 as the North American Interfraternity Conference Foundation (NICF).

National Interfraternity Music Council (NIMC)

The National Interfraternity Music Council is composed of the National/International Presidents of seven music fraternities, and meets annually to discuss matters of mutual interest, and includes as members:

National Music Council (NMC)
  Composed of representatives of musical associations of national scope and activity in the United States of America. The NMC has a speakers bureau of composers and songwriters to educate the public about the issues and ramifications of music piracy on the internet.

Professional Fraternity Association (PFA)
  Supports professional fraternities and sororities, to preserve high standards on campus and in professional practice.

The Society for American Music (SAM)
  (Formerly the Sonneck Society)--a non-profit scholarly and educational organization, seeks to stimulate the appreciation, performance, creation, and study of American music in all its historical and contemporary styles and contexts.

Support Music
  A public service of the Music Education Coalition offering tools and information to promote music in the schools.