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Award: Sterling Patrons

The International Executive Board honored the first Sterling Patron in 1989, thus beginning a Fraternity tradition of asking outstanding musicians and patrons of the arts to serve as Sterling Patrons. A Sterling Patron serves all aspects of the Fraternity, and is named for our Founder Dr. Winthrop Sterling.


Year Name
2013 William Lively
2011 Dr. Chen Yi
2009 Stanislav Ioudenitch
2008 Fritz Zschietzschmann
2006 John Alfred Neal (Deceased)
2005 Christine Brewer
2004 Paul T. Smith (Deceased)
2003 James Dick
2003 Dave Brubeck (Deceased)
1999 Beulah Strickler (Deceased)
1998 Jean Gray Hargrove (Deceased)
1998 David Effron
1998 Carl Cunningham
1997 Lawrence Rosen
1996 Carl St. Clair
1996 Catherine Comet
1995 Ramon Salvatore (Deceased)
1994 James DePriest (Deceased)
1994 Olivia B. Stapp
1993 Dr. Geneva Handy Southall (Deceased)
1992 Olly W. Wilson (Deceased)
1992 Dr. Jean Berger (Deceased)
1992 Ardean Watts (Deceased)
1992 Leon Bates
1991 Dr. Jerold D. Ottley
1991 Ulysses Kay (Deceased)
1991 Edo deWaart
1991 Dr. Robert J. Werner
1991 Dr. David N. Baker (Deceased)
1991 Mr. Josef Gingold (Deceased)
1990 Dr. Eileen Jackson Southern (Deceased)
1990 Mr. Neil E. Weintrob
1990 Philip Brunelle
1990 Raymond Leppard
1990 Albert J. McNeil
1990 Mr. Willis Patterson
1990 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Anderson
1990 Mr. Mitchell Andrews
1990 Mr. Roger Malitz (Deceased)
1989 Dr. Robert Haag (Deceased)
1989 Maestro Sung Kwak
1989 Dr. Betty T. Welsbacher (Deceased)
1989 Dr. Charles Webb
1989 Dr. Dale E. Warland

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